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01-Aug-2017 23:25

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Serious fraudsters sometimes even create further fake profiles and use them to be rude to you, all to make the main fake profile seem more desirable.

And it’s not just particularly vulnerable people who fall victim either.

There are some things you want to know before you’ve met the parents.

Around 7.8 million UK adults used online dating sites in 2016, up from just 100,000 in 2000.

That is to say that, the earlier you do it the less chance you have of that relationship developing into anything more meaningful. Ok, perhaps those examples are a little extreme, but seriously, you’re on a date and there is amazing chemistry? That’s not to suggest that we should all be stripping off 10 minutes after meeting someone and getting down and dirty in the nearest public toilet, but if you both feel it’s the right time then there is no reason why you shouldn’t act upon it.

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Dating a guy for 4 months only to find out that the sex is terrible and you have no chemistry in bedroom.

The users of the secret-sharing app, Whisper, have revealed their own experiences of being a cougar; recounting both the threat - or reality - of being dumped, and the joys of feeling sexy and 'in control'.'My cub left me...